DATA4CHAN.GE is a workshop where human rights organisations and journalists are paired up with researchers, designers and developers to create data visualisations that can help change the world.




We're on the move! This year we’re teaming up with DefendDefenders to hold two workshops in East Africa, the first being a data skills workshop for human rights organisations based in the region.

We're looking for human rights organisations based in UgandaTanzania, or Kenya that are working on increasing the visibility of marginalised groups in their communities by using documentation and data.

The deadline for applications is 28 April 2017.




We started DATA4CHAN.GE in 2014 and run at least one event per year. The workshops are attended by brave human rights defenders, journalists and creatives from all over the world. It is a truly unique experience, check out our previous and future events.

"Creativity. Hope. Collaboration.

Ideas. Innovation. Change.

Thank you DATA4CHAN.GE for the most inspiring five days of my life."

Yara, Sakker El Dekkene








At the workshop each team created a fully functioning interactive data visualisation prototype on topics such as protest, political prisoners, victims of war and government corruption. It took each group less than five days to create these beautiful and emotive data visualisations. 

Each project has an unique style, treatment and functionality, but what they all have in common is their high quality. Explore the projects below to see what is possible to create in just a few days of collaboration.




Without the support of our generous partners DATA4CHAN.GE would not be possible. Some of the partners help fund the events, others support us with their time and expertise, and some do both.




These friends have been committed to our vision and have helped us grow over the years. They're an amazing bunch of organisations and we love them too!