Each year on the first day of DATA4CHAN.GE we host a welcome party with music, talks, and most importantly shawarma (or falafel). We're very particular about our shawarma, and ensure it comes from (we think the self-proclaimed, although there is evidence of accolades in the shop) #1 Shawarma Cafe Joseph in Beirut.

To make things easier on the day, we'd like to get your order beforehand. Please choose up to 2 sandwiches and let us know what you'd like to drink. 

Select which sandwich/shawarma you'd like
They're not the biggest sandwiches in the world, and we usually eat two. If you're a light eater, you might get away with just one. But you'll probably be hungry after a big day, so if you'd like two, please let us know!
Drinks *
Please check which drinks you'd like to have available, we'll use this information to get a general feel of how much of each type of beverage to order