"I began to realize how important and beautiful data is because of DATA4CHAN.GE. I feel like have returned to my work armed with new knowledge and skills."

Shahd Assiedeh


"DATA4CHAN.GE taught me about data visualization and infographics. I won a data visualization book at the workshop. It is my best friend at this time and my current work is connecting with what I learned during the workshop."

Abdeen Abdelrazig

Al-Khatim Adlan Centre for Enlightenment (KACE)

"I had set many objectives before going to DATA4CHAN.GE and I successfully achieved all my goals: creating new relationships, working with an international team, learning how to give life to numbers"

Asmaa Damoh

"I rarely wake up in the morning looking forward to the day, but I clearly remember waking up excited to hop on the bus to get to Ashkal Alwan and interact with the other attendees. The organizers really knew what they were doing."

Chafic Najjar

"Design and technology are essential tools to advocate for human rights causes. DATA4CHAN.GE has made me reconsider my own work and question how I can work more effectively to serve human rights issues in the future."

Mohammed Emad El Din