Thank you all for applying to DATA4CHAN.GE Kampala, 2017. We have had an overwhelming response to the workshop and we look forward to going through all the applications!

Stay tuned to our page for updates! :)



If you have already applied to the workshop, here is a reminder of what to expect if you join us in Kampala this year!

We are incredibly excited to announce our upcoming DATA4CHAN.GE workshop to be held in partnership with DefendDefenders at Design Hub in Kampala. Block out 12-16 September 2017 in your diaries if you're hoping to apply. 

The application process is very competitive. Be sure to put your best foot forward and spend time on your applications so that we can really understand who you are. DATA4CHAN.GE brings talented people in the visual storytelling community together with human rights organisations that have fascinating original datasets and powerful stories to tell.

The link to the application form is at the bottom of this page, please read all of the details and instructions carefully to ensure that your application is processed and that you have the best chance of being successful. 


What happens at DATA4CHAN.GE?

First and foremost, if you're considering applying, we recommend checking out the write-ups from our previous workshops (under the events menu in the top navigation of this page). They'll give you an idea of what we're expecting from our applicants and help you to shape your application.

In brief: during our workshops interdisciplinary teams consisting of data researchers, coders, UX designers, graphic designers and human rights organisations create data visualisations and devise innovative communication-based campaigns. DATA4CHAN.GE is a workshop where human rights organisations and the creative sector can collaborate to create data visualisations aimed at elevating public engagement and effective advocacy, which in turn could bring about real positive change. It's a wonderful and life-changing experience, if you don't believe us, check out some of the testimonials on our website.


Who are we looking for

We are looking for designers, developers, researchers, journalists and data analysts to form our creative teams. We'll accept applications from across the globe, but are particularly interested in applications from East Africa-based participants. For our creative stream we prioritise regional applications and ensure that we achieve a 50/50 split between regional and international applicants. So if you're applying from afar, you'll have to really impress us as competition is always strong. 



Please ensure you are able to attend the full 5-day workshop before applying. You will need to arrive in Kampala on September 11 (or before) and will depart no earlier than 17 September. If you are currently living in Uganda, you would also be expected to join the other participants staying at the Royal Suites hotel, as we will have evening activities planned and also need to ensure that we all arrive at the venue on time every day. 


What's in it for me

In addition to it being a life-changing experience for all involved (we never cease to be amazed by our participants), all of your expenses will be covered. We will pay your travel costs to Kampala, accommodate you in the Royal Suites hotel (it has a really nice pool), transfer you to and from the Design Hub every day, and give you an allowance to cover your in-country expenses. And, best of all, you'll get to be inducted into our D4C Alumni Network, and hear first about all sorts of exciting opportunities. 


Is your portfolio of work ready to share with us? Are you ready to wow us? If you're a designer, developer, journalist, storyteller, or data researcher/analyst, then we are ready to hear from you. Please check the application form first to understand the application requirements, and the prepare your submission carefully and with attention to detail. If you are currently employed, please consider that you will need to take leave from work, as you will have very little time to attend to your normal duties during the 5-day workshop. We have found in the past that employers are very keen for their employees to attend our workshops!